meet our baby girl!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Penelope! she is here and amazing and perfect i seriously did not expect to get her so fast or so soon. we have been talking about getting hankers a sister for a while now he has always loved the dogs at the dog park and his dog friends but it was finally time to get him a baby sister! a whole eight weeks old and perfect and the best cuddler ever. i mean those snuggles i live for, and those wrinkles! gah!! she loves her brother so much and we love her to pieces! 

sea salt

Thursday, April 24, 2014

sea salt

guys its finally warm. and staying warm and the warmer it gets the more i regret living in this desert of a state with no lakes, or oceans I miss the salty north carolina air and the smell of the ocean from what we use to call home. its crazy how one place can have such an effect on you.. I'm not saying i hate living here but its nothing compared to living near the ocean thats for sure. rant over. anyways that lush sea spray stuff  is suppose to be real good! fun fact i have never owned or bought anything from lush always have and always wanted to.. ha tell me what you like from lush? hope your enjoying the warmer weather also 


the cake.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


first off i want to start and say husband is the best, hah no really. he baked that cake all by himself and even wrote on it and everything, poor guy broke the candle though but thats ok ;). we celebrated our third year of being married and i took a mini brake i know I'm not sure where all these breaks are coming from a lot has been going on and blogging is not one of them but i have been working on it.... promise. 

so here is a tad of whats been going on lots of hank and we decided it would be fun to draw eyebrows on him today using a pencil liner from my makeup bag only to find hours later of it not coming off. tons of fun did i mention he hates it when you touch his face especially above his eyes.. talk about a challenge my poor boy finally has a fresh eybrowless face sorry bud, oh yah and there just might be a new addition to the family. we are talking dogs people. dogs. 



Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finally the weather is getting warm enough to wear this pretty little white dress i thrifted! and those sandals are thrifted too.which reminded me of these that are a huge trend right now! I'm telling you i have had such good luck lately there finding new things here and there. 

yesterday was our 3 year anniversary of being married, it is crazy how time goes so fast, it seems like just yesterday we were getting married and moving to north carolina to start our life together. now fast forward 3 years and we have been through and done so much together it truly is amazing how time can bring two people closer i love him more than i ever have and i didnt think that was possible sure we have our ups and downs but those are what brings you closer and your bond that much stronger, Love you with all of my heart my love. here's to 3 years and many more 


taking stock

Monday, April 14, 2014

this has been going around in the past and i thought why not do something different ;) especially since it is freezing outside and the wind is going absolutely crazy. happy not so spring..

Making : a comfy seat on the couch with some tea
Cooking: nothing yet
Drinking : green  tea
Reading : nothing at the moment, suggestions?
Wanting : a new couch..
Looking: at Pinterest inspiration for redecorating! spring cleaning 
Playing: with hankers 
Wasting: -
Enjoying: was enjoying the weather till we got snow... what is this
Waiting: for spring to be here and quit playing tricks with the weather!
Liking: that i have been in this weird cleaning mood since we got back from our vacation..
Wondering: a lot actually
Loving: that hank is snoring so loud haha zzzz
Hoping: for something
Marveling: at hank and hubs playing together 
Needing: new sheets
Smelling: vanilla cashmere candle burning
Wearing: husbands sweats, baggy tee, bare feet
Noticing: hank is getting more snuggly as he gets older 
Knowing: "every little thing is gonna be alright " cue bob marley 
Thinking:  of swimsuits and sunnies
Feeling: grateful.
Bookmarking: skirts, wedges, hair styles! 
Opening: a box of easter cupcakes, yum!
Giggling: at 
Feeling: comfort

march favorites

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

 i know this looks like a big mess but here are some things that have been my favorites for the month of march, and a new skin care item mario badescu is amazing and am so glad i found this line of skin care my skin is the clearest it has been in years! i purchased this kit!  First off i can't believe march is over and it is now april! and before we know it spring/summer weather will be here soon! as it does already feel like it is on its way but let me bite my tongue because whenever i say this it snows/rains and is freezing, anyway happy tuesday! 


s p r i n g

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

i was sure spring was here but not i am not anymore.. I'm getting sick of the hot cold wind rain/ snow every other day it seems like. we are almost in april and i am hoping to see some sunny warm no wind no rain or snow weather very soon. the mini trip we took to arizona was very much of a tease to me.. and i want warm weather now. mini rant over. and a very much apology for being gone some. I'm working on it i really am thanks for sticking around and understanding

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