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Sunday, March 2, 2014

recently i  have been loving the look of decorating with plants when my mom came out a while ago she bought me some plants and I loved them but recently had to toss them due to them dying slowly, as much as i didn't want to get rid of them I figured thats what was best, also it looks so clean, and airy. i pinned a helpful thing on plants that clean the indoor air since spring is next and plants are becoming more and more popular and live longer during those seasons here are ten top plants that are known to clean the indoor air of you house!

1. aloe vera
2.bamboo palm
3.areca palm
4.english ivy fern
6.chinease evergreen
7.mass cane
8.pygmy date palm
9.ficus alii
10.gerbera daisy


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  1. Gorgeous photo. I love keeping aloe vera in the house. It's so pretty and super useful!


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