old cook books

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

recently i dug out some of my grandpas old cook books and looked threw them, they smelled just like him/ his house. I love finding new recipes to try out and actually need to go threw them again and mark some pages. my grandpa was quite the chef, he lived a lone and cooked and prepared his own gourmet meals for himself. 

I can remember one year for my birthday he asked what he should make and i told him breakfast as it is my favorite meal, seriously i could eat it for dinner every night; french toast, bacon, milk,  & maple syrup, um yum. so that he did and i loved it! I am missing him more and more as the years pass by but am so grateful to have known him and to have some of his things that meant most to him. 


  1. nice book!


  2. Italian food is my FAVOURITE <33
    Love your blog!! I follow you ;) x


  3. i love love finding old cookbooks and making a few recipes from there. back when there was no gluten free or sugar free emphasis... haha. these look great!

    lindsey louise


    1. especially when they are a loved ones!! it makes it ten times better! xox

  4. Lovely books, it's sad our family don't experiment much with recipes :/


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