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Saturday, March 15, 2014

 there is no snow on the ground anymore.
i know i have been lacking here on this little blog but i promise i am going to try to keep everyone updated as much as i can. i have been taking a little bit of some mini breaks here and there from the blog so i can just enjoy life and not feel obligated to blog... not like i do every time but lately i feel as if i don't want to get out my camera and photograph "boring things" even though they may not be boring.. i am trying really hard to work on that..ha.. 

i know things around here have been quiet  and i havent been feeling much of myself..but don't hate me. i am really working on it but it is hard when you get into a funk and don't feel like doing much of anything... blogging is suppose to be  f u n  and it normally is for me but i want to do it because i enjoy and love it not because i feel like i have to, i hope you guys understand and I'm not ignoring you! spring is right around the corner and i couldn't be happier to "spring clean" and organize and wear cute maxi skirts and flip flops and floppy hats.. getting ahead of myself? 


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