Monday, March 24, 2014

so some of you may or may not know that i love going to the thrift store and finding new things, to me its soooo much better than shopping in regular stores and for me since i live way way out int he middle of no where i have to kind of compromise by not having a target, tjmaxx, pier 1, ikea just to name a few. & since we do not have those stores around here the thrift store is the way to go in my opinion.

 I go there for just about anything and everything from clothes, levi jeans i cut into shorts for this summer :) post to come soon, to home goods and brand spanking new cowboy boots, to the best item i have found yet which is this pendelton blanket that i scored for a whoppin..... drum rrolllllllll four bucks. yea four bucks like new huge warm pendelton blanket.

 score! it is so pretty and better yet reversible with one side white with orange details and the other orange with yellow details. it is by far the prettiest and i have been contemplating buying a pendelton now for some time and those of you who are familiar with the brand know that they are n o t cheap! so you can only imagine how excited i was at finding this! 

let me know if you would like to see a post on the other things i have found, & i will take some photos of the rest of my gems ;)

mondays and a diner

i am thinking i may love mondays,now don't go hating me but today has been pretty eventful. hubs has had some days off and we started with breakfast this morning at pennys diner, and it was soooo good! i was so glad we found one so close, last time we went to one was in arizona, they have the best breakfast and strawberry shakes never let me down..

next we drove up threw the mountains and to the peek of this beauty, with the "heat" wave we have been having the last few days i have been wanting to do anything but sitting inside all day, and the yellow grass is slowly changing to a green...very very slowly.. now that the first day of spring has passed i have been crossing my fingers for warmer weather. cheers to mondays and a diner


old cook books

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

recently i dug out some of my grandpas old cook books and looked threw them, they smelled just like him/ his house. I love finding new recipes to try out and actually need to go threw them again and mark some pages. my grandpa was quite the chef, he lived a lone and cooked and prepared his own gourmet meals for himself. 

I can remember one year for my birthday he asked what he should make and i told him breakfast as it is my favorite meal, seriously i could eat it for dinner every night; french toast, bacon, milk,  & maple syrup, um yum. so that he did and i loved it! I am missing him more and more as the years pass by but am so grateful to have known him and to have some of his things that meant most to him. 

no title

Saturday, March 15, 2014

 there is no snow on the ground anymore.
i know i have been lacking here on this little blog but i promise i am going to try to keep everyone updated as much as i can. i have been taking a little bit of some mini breaks here and there from the blog so i can just enjoy life and not feel obligated to blog... not like i do every time but lately i feel as if i don't want to get out my camera and photograph "boring things" even though they may not be boring.. i am trying really hard to work on that..ha.. 

i know things around here have been quiet  and i havent been feeling much of myself..but don't hate me. i am really working on it but it is hard when you get into a funk and don't feel like doing much of anything... blogging is suppose to be  f u n  and it normally is for me but i want to do it because i enjoy and love it not because i feel like i have to, i hope you guys understand and I'm not ignoring you! spring is right around the corner and i couldn't be happier to "spring clean" and organize and wear cute maxi skirts and flip flops and floppy hats.. getting ahead of myself? 

after a while

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

spring wish list

Friday, March 7, 2014

spring wish list

White top,  //Topshop hot shorts // Gap navy flat // Bohemian handbag // The Row round frame sunglasses,//  Lips makeup//

here is what i have been loving lately for spring!

a pop of yellow

these were taken a few weeks ago and i am just now getting around to get them up! haha wow.anyway... its friday finally and hubs and i don't have to many plans except hanging outside with hank because it has been in the 40's over here! no more snow for now and i am hoping we see spring very soon. after our trip to arizona it was more of a tease to come back to the cold winds of wyoming. hope you all have a good weekend sorry its been a little boring over here lately!

plants that clean

Sunday, March 2, 2014

recently i  have been loving the look of decorating with plants when my mom came out a while ago she bought me some plants and I loved them but recently had to toss them due to them dying slowly, as much as i didn't want to get rid of them I figured thats what was best, also it looks so clean, and airy. i pinned a helpful thing on plants that clean the indoor air since spring is next and plants are becoming more and more popular and live longer during those seasons here are ten top plants that are known to clean the indoor air of you house!

1. aloe vera
2.bamboo palm
3.areca palm
4.english ivy fern
6.chinease evergreen
7.mass cane
8.pygmy date palm
9.ficus alii
10.gerbera daisy


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