so we took a mini vacay....

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

the reason for being mia the past few days is because we actually took a mini trip to arizona! it was so good to be back for a short trip the weather was perfect and i couldn't have been more excited to see palm trees, in-n-out, and kneaders just to name a few. hank loved the weather and was so happy to get away for a few days and spend some time in the pool and even managed to fall in and "sink" my fat boy! momma almost had a heart attack but he came up and paddled to daddy it was scary but cute..I wanted it to be a stress free vacation so i did not take the computer but i did take my camera but did not get it out..but i did manage to get some pics with my phone!

all photos taken with my phone +  editing vsco app for android if you do not have it you need to get it


  1. great pics… we definitely need a mini vacay!!



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