Monday, February 10, 2014

tee//obey//flannel//old//purse//chanel//boots//hunter//beanie//hubs//bracelet//chuck chucks

so i may be a little late on this, but i have been loving this trend with the flannel around the waist. Its so laid back yet put together at the same time. I paired it with a tee and some black jeans with my hunter boots , and a beanie for a more kick backed look. even though it was cold it wasn't to bad.. also this will be cute with some high waisted shorts for the summer time minus the beanie and the boots.

 also recently i been asked to review this awesome bracelet sent from chuck chucks. It is seriously the most unique piece I have ever seen! the cool thing about it is it is interchangeable and the 3 button pieces snap off so you can change them up and swap them out! they were so nice to send me this and also give my readers a coupon code for 50 percent off! just use the code chealseyw1 and don't forget to like them on Facebook!

*the other interchangeable pieces i chose*


  1. Nice post, those are beautiful pictures. I am also a fan of the flannel trend, looks great wrapped around the waist. Cute hat!



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