Monday, January 27, 2014

lately I have been thinking a lot about a lot actually. One of them being when we lived in north carolina. I miss the ocean the cute houses along the beach the smell of the salty water and weekend and weekday trips to the beach just to sit. It really sucks that wyoming doesn't  have the ocean let a lone lakes, that are not close by they are nearly an hour or so away.. 

I have been pinning bathing suits, palm trees, fruity drinks and tons more lately because I have been craving the sun on my skin! In the midst of it all we got a mini snow storm today.. honestly it feels like this winter is never ending.. I will say i caved and i bought crab legs the other night for dinner.. and that was an epic fail. the whole house smelled of salty crab and i then realized i didn't have a crab cracker… so using my fork like a hammer was what had to work..haha ok you get the point. i am over this weather and ready for summer. take me back to the ocean. who's in?


  1. You can come to California anytime you would like :)

    1. dont tempt me girly! your not that far away :) how is your weather!? are you back in cali?


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