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Friday, December 19, 2014

well we are finally all unpacked everything is put away and the tree is up! still no snow yet but we are suppose to get hit with a big storm christmas eve. lots of exciting things coming up, I'm officially 18 weeks! and the baby is moving a ton hubs and grandma both felt a little kick. we find out the gender in 3 days and couldn't be more excited to find out if baby is a girl or boy i will say i have had tons of dreams of it being a girl but everyone thinks its a boy! 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

hey guys!! I'm super excited to announce that i now have a youtube channel!! i am going to start uploading more videos, i know this is normally not something i do but i thought it would be fun to branch out into something i truly enjoy doing! don't worry I'm still going to blog. hope you guys like the video more to come soon ;))

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currently loving.

Friday, December 12, 2014

i have been spending quite some time on pinterest lately, whats new. also we moved! so we have not had internet for the last few days, and we have been super busy unpacking and getting things into place. our tree is up! and here are a few things i have been loving lately until i can get some other pics up! happy friday!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

b u m p d a t e

how far? 16 weeks 3 days

weight gain? yes, 3 pounds but feels like much more!

maternity clothes? yes! had to get some jeans they are so comfy! 

best moment of the week?  appointment the other day listening to the heart beat,& feeling more movement!

sleep? invested in one of these! sleep has been much better!

weird pregnancy moment? ? not really

size of baby?  avocado!!

movement?  yes!! the baby is moving more and more each day at first i felt flutters and now its so much more noticeable! 

stretch marks?  not yet,still using coconut oil!

food cravings? mostly a burger with bacon and pickles! fries, and buffalo wild wings honey bbq wings have been my thing since the beginning!

anything making you queasy? not too much anymore finally Nassau is disappearing

what am i looking forward to? finding out what we are having in 3 weeks!!!!! 

belly button in or out? still in but it is defiantly stretching and getting bigger! so strange

nursery? no but i do have a lot in mind! and i am slowly stocking up!

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l e t s e a t

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

c a n t wait for this! but first thanksgiving! soooo excited to stuff my face with stuffing,broccoli cheese casserole i have been craving! & delish deserts, this may be a first for me but thinking of skipping out on the turkey this year, since becoming pregnant deli meats/chicken/turkey have been a major turn off! on the plus side i am 15 weeks! & baby is the size of an avocado bump date to come soon. cheers to eating a ton and hopefully not getting sick!

hope you all have a good thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


i can't believe i am 14 weeks! it feels like these weeks are flying by! thanksgiving is coming up and around the corner from there christams! where is time going?! i put together some of my pregnancy must haves that have helped me through the first trimester especially now that i am in the second i feel more like my normal self again minus still feeling nauseous! 

1. a journal. i started mine when i found out we were pregnant and have wrote little things here and there about how I'm feeling and such. i think it will make as a great gift to little one when he/she is older.

2.coconut oil!! i have been using this for everything my skin has been soaking it up because it is so dry! so this has been the best!

3. a pillow/body pillow. i have yet to buy a body pillow but i have been using this huge pillow to sleep with between my legs, i find it is the comfiest and fastest way to fall asleep!

4. bralettes have been my go to aside from sports bras they are far more pretty and have the same comfort. 

5. nivea hand cream! once again great for chapped dry hands, love this stuff.

6. WATER i can't stress this enough i am trying my self to still get 8 glasses a day so the easiest i find is getting a big water bottle and filling it ever 2 spice things up add some lemon slices and cucumber for better taste!

7. nivea lip balm also another life saver due to chapped lips and these cooler months ahead!

8.gummy prenatals, yes they are ok to take,yes they have the same nutrients as pill form. i find these so much easier to take since nausea is not fun trying to swallow big pills!!

9. yoga pants have become by best friend!

10. essie nail polish is safe to use while pregnant and has no added chemicals!

13 weeks

Friday, November 14, 2014

b u m p d a t e

how far? 13 weeks, 3 days

weight gain? not yet, thinking I've lost actually due to being sick all day for the first few weeks morning sickness should be called all day sickness! but I've relied on my zofran for the last week so i can keep foods down.

maternity clothes? not yet

best moment of the week? feeling little flutters!

sleep? has been a hit and miss. i either sleep the best sleep ever or i am restless and can't sleep at all.

weird pregnancy moment? not yet.. other then forgetting things like what i was going to do/say.. pregnancy brain!

size of baby? this week baby is the size of a peach!

movement? funny actually, i thought i felt movement yesterday twice! it was a little flutter as i was listening to tom petty it was enough to make me yell "i felt the baby!" but not sure if it was gas bubbles.

stretch marks?  not yet, coconut oil has been my best friend, my skin has been so dry!

food cravings? mmm.. yes this last week i have been on a craving kick, cinnamon rolls,mexican food,salsa especially & crispy hash browns with ketchup,& i normally hate ketchup.

anything making you queasy? eggs, meat, mostly smells get to me.

what am i looking forward to? feeling baby really move! & our 20 week appointment before christmas we find out the gender!

what i miss? enjoying food,& not having to worry about keeping it down.

nursery? not yet.

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currently crushing// b a b y

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ahh! i can't even tell you guys how excited i am to go shopping! we haven't bought anything yet due to not knowing what we are having,even though there have been some times hubs has grabbed a few boy/& girl things and wanted to get them. I'm guilty to. actually i take all of that back my mom actually bought us this little girl onsie with owls on it, haha. i have been pinning like crazy nursery ideas,what to expect,everything! so i thought i would share what I'm currently dying over! hope you don't mind as you will probably see a lot more of these  #sorrynotsorry?

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b a b y its cold o u t s i d e

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

lets talk shivering and shaking if you couldn't tell by the first pic i was so cold, if you were to zoom in you'd see goosebumps i tell ya...anyways if you were to see me this is what you would find me in a sweater of some sort black jeans I've been living in, (here) these boots i thrifted in wyoming, belt too, and this floppy hat i found a few weeks ago that thought i lost on the move here. loving this & check out baby bump, i feel like i popped this week! 13 weeks and out of the first trimester, it seems so surreal and I'm soaking up every second of it.


c h r i s t m a s

Monday, November 10, 2014

I know i have mentioned it time and time again but i am so excited for christmas this year! but before getting ahead of my self thanksgiving is just around the corner and it feels like this month is flying by already. not to mention the fact that I'm the palest I've ever been...soon my birthday will be here then fast forward to new years and then skip a few months and we will be welcoming our little one to the world :)  and i can't forget we find out the gender the beginning of december so i am taking all this in slowly but surely & am so excited for these upcoming events and the fact that it was snowing the other day has made me pull out all of my winter things and getting into the christmas mood, to early? nahhhhh.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

you may notice some slight changes on the blog and i am so excited! i was getting so sick of the old "look" so i made some adjustments :) let me know what you think



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ahhh!! guys i can't tell you how excited i am to finally let you in on the news! i feel like i have been keeping this in for so long. I have not been feeling well and have had 0 energy so i took a few days to rest since i was so nauseous in the beginning but am feeling so much better now, we are 12 weeks and have already had our 8 week appointment and listened to the heart beat and got to see our little peanut for the first time! so surreal i felt like i was dreaming, since I've waited for this for so long.. some of you may or may not know we struggled for some time to get pregnant and I was diagnosed with pcos about a year ago and was told i wouldn't get pregnant unless on fertility drugs (post on that later).. but i am proud to say that once we moved back to michigan it happened our little miracle all on its own perfect timing and now we are around family and friends and couldn't be happier!! :)


its snowing

Friday, October 31, 2014

over the weekend we went to my aunts halloween party and had so much fun! i really liked doing hubs makeup he wanted a torn creepy smile so we got some liquid latex and some toilet paper and makeup and viola. haha i was a broken doll, mom was a sugar skull,brother was a hunter,his girlfriend carman was a deer, and not photographed dad who went as a nerd. i didn't take my camera to the party but managed to get some of all of us dressed up :) maybe this will give you some ideas for halloween if you haven't already decided what your going to be. and a big happy halloween to all of you, and a big hello winter to the snow that is falling outside? ;)

so long.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

some last tid bits of before fall officially began. and an official late goodbye to summer hello, cool crisp air,leaves falling,scarves,boots,coats,and soon to be winter and christmas.. am i getting ahead of myself? sorry can't help it i made this while it was still hot out.

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