Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you ever have those days where you just think. Not about everyday things, but really think. about life, the future, the past, memories.. well let me tell you today has very well been one of those day mostly about everything. Sometimes it just comes out of no where and sometimes it takes something to make you really really think to put things in perspective. that everything will all be ok. and it will all work out in the end doesn't it?

A lot has been on my mind as of lately, some of you may or may not know the main reason I started this blog, and if you dont know why i will try to explain. 

Life is too short and last year around august it really changed the way I think about life. I was living in arizona at the time and had got a phone call that someone in the family was not doing so good. someone close to me and very special to me. my grandpa. now let me tell you he wasnt just your ordinary old cute little glasses wearing grey haired grandpa, no he wasnt any of those things at all in-fact he was the very opposite. bad ass if i might add, at a ripe age of 60 and a true harley davidson biker with a beard tatts and a cool collective look to him, he had the best stories from his crazier days and I loved hearing about them, but beside all the "bad assness" he was actually very sweet loving caring and had the biggest heart, and a hidden talent which was painting.

 We shared a connection. a love for art. drawing. getting lost in a space only we would know. around the time I went home and found out he was not doing very well with only a few days/weeks to live. they had found brain cancer and seeing him that way was not easy for anyone. It really made me think. to cherish the moments It made me wish I took more pictures, wish I called him more, and said I love you just because I could say it to him. Wish I could draw with him one last time and he would tell me his tips and tricks. I started this blog shortly after he passed because I didnt want to wait to do something I loved. I wanted to live in the moment and not take life for granted and I think we do that too much.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Hope he's seeing you doing good now from heaven.


    1. aw thanks so much love, that means a lot!

  2. i know what you're talking about. sometimes i just sit there in my desk and think about life. sometimes it's just so scary to think of what might happen. i'm sorry for your loss, but his spirit lives on, i believe :)


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