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Monday, October 14, 2013

so here are a little bit of this and that from the new camera! it is amazing what an upgrade can do! I love it so much! hubs surprised me with it for our 4 year of being together ;) yes I know we still celebrate that too.. not sure if its just us or what ha. Its funny to think back to those days and just reminisce. I look back now and think we were so young and how different we look, and how much we continue to fall in love over and over again when I didn't think that was possible to love him even more than I do :) ok ok nuff bein mushy gushy!

the weather as of now is snowing raining and hailing if that is possible. but it is not sticking. so that is good! with all this weather change I have been feeling under the weather as far as sinuses go. 

that flower up there is my first orchid! and there were about 10 of them all willowed and droopy and the pot as dry as it can get. so they put them on sale which are normally 15 bucks which I have been eyeing the purple one for the longest time and they went on sale for 2 bucks!! I know!! So I brought it back to life!

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  1. Amazing photos ! :D



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