whats in my bag?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Now normally when I pull all of the above out of my bag that Ive had for years and I mean cough cough since 8th grade and its still my favorite old thing ever, you would normally find a ton of receipts hubs is notorious for giving them to me and me shoving them all into my bag until I go to pull out my wallet and what do ya know! a waterfall of receipts come spilling out of my bag and onto the floor. Lucky for you I cleaned my bag out a few days ago and It seems pretty empty, but so much better!

1 This bag has been my constant go back to bag, and If you know me I switch my purses a ton especially to match my outfit and this one is the best fit. Its a neutral brown & goes with just about everything

2.My wallet is so old and outdated but It still works! another treasure Ive had for a few years now and its cheetah print so It goes with everything as well :) plus plus (don't judge I plan on upgrading soon!)

3.keys no brainer I cant go anywhere without them.

4. I loveee love this lotion normally I have the travel size in my purse and not the big bottle! but somehow I lost the little one, Its so moisturizing on your skin and lately my skin has been way dry!

5. Lip products, normally I have way more in my bag, surprised? seriously I loveee lip products Im not so much of a lipstick wearer so I stick to creamy shiny stuff ;) 

6. Altoids are a must for fresh breath

7. BB cream, I like to touch up here and there and its has SPF in it! Perfect and light weight for summer!

also I tag all of you to do a whats in your bag "tag" :)

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