so long summer

Friday, September 27, 2013

I can officially say summer is over I was looking threw some old pics from in the mountains and wanted to share some more since the scenery is gorgeous. Its a bittersweet goodbye to summer and skip fall all together and just go straight to winter..wah?? I know what your thinking. In my previous post its snowing and still continues to come down outside leaving everything frosty and white, but as soon as it sticks for a few seconds it melts. It is so strange to me. Don't get me wrong I love the cold weather and leaving the fireplace on sitting down with a good book and some hazelnut hot chocolate. 

it seems almost as if I didn't officially get a chance to say goodbye summer and hello fall. not fall but winter. snow. What is going on? Im in as much shock as you. Im soaking in every second of this cold blizzard happening outside the window and remembering our adventures in the mountains not too long ago. Trust me we will be taking many more trips into the mountain and now that there is snow on the tippy tops it will be even more exciting! 

till then go sledding... no. too soon? yeah...

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  1. your photos are lovely ♥ I love fall so I´m glad summer is over :)


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