part 2

Thursday, September 5, 2013

 Here are some more pictures and  I have more than I thought I did. There may even be a part three because those ones are my fave of him playing in the water :). He had so much fun and He is doing soo good off of his leash. His new thing is to pick it up if it drags behind him and puts it in his mouth It is the cutest thing ever. Hubs was standing at one end of the side walk and me at the other and we took turns calling HANK and he ran right too me and was all smiles ahhh! he is the best little thing ever I cant wait till hubs next day off so we can soon go back and actually swim this time and have lunch in the park! 

I love how the ones of us walking on the bridge turned out I am defiantly going to get those framed ;) ohhh anndddd only a few weeks left till the BIG move. if you dont know what Im talking about you can check out some of my inspiration here

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