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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 So a few days ago I was looking threw old old pics of hank and realizing he is getting HUGE I mean by the hour! I swear he looks bigger and bigger each day even though he is just 7 months. I decided I should draw Him and then if I liked how it turned out then frame his little face! & that's what I did. It first turned into a sketch then into the finished product! I'm so happy how it turned out and love seeing his little face In my room hung on the wall. Hes so stinking cute. (sorry mini rant on my D.O.G.) haha yes I realize this post was mainly about him and me drawing him and so on..... I have been so bored lately its really all I have been doing since the weather has been rainy and pretty chilly here which to me sounds like a good drawing day.. or 3 or ten.


  1. this is such a cool painting!
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  2. Great drawings skills. You can tell the affection you have for your dog by the post you wrote. ^_^



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