an update

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

   Hey guys! sorry its been a while, good news is that we are officially moved in! We even have all the pictures hung up   on   the walls ;) not bad for moving in all in one day. Pics of the new place to come soon.


Some of you may or may not have noticed that I did decide to take down my "blogger love" tab I use to have on the side of my blog. since passion fruit is deciding to charge it has become sort of a hassle to keep up with everything and mine really wasn't working that well to begin with so I decided to "disable" for now. But don't you worry I am welcoming new sponsors the first week of october! If you are interested in being on Everyday Beginnings and swapping buttons I welcome you with open arms! :) I loveee button swapping so if you are interested, shoot me an email! & I would be more than happy to swap!


  1. Exciting that you have moved! Now I make it homey again, always an adventure! Good luck!

    1. thanks love! yes it is finally cozy after a few pics are hung on the wall amazing what some art work and old photos can make your home so cozy! xxo


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