Monday, September 30, 2013

a little photo sesh with this guy. He makes everything better.

ps i was tickling him in the second pic. Ahh just cant get enough of him.

so long summer

Friday, September 27, 2013

I can officially say summer is over I was looking threw some old pics from in the mountains and wanted to share some more since the scenery is gorgeous. Its a bittersweet goodbye to summer and skip fall all together and just go straight to winter..wah?? I know what your thinking. In my previous post its snowing and still continues to come down outside leaving everything frosty and white, but as soon as it sticks for a few seconds it melts. It is so strange to me. Don't get me wrong I love the cold weather and leaving the fireplace on sitting down with a good book and some hazelnut hot chocolate. 

it seems almost as if I didn't officially get a chance to say goodbye summer and hello fall. not fall but winter. snow. What is going on? Im in as much shock as you. Im soaking in every second of this cold blizzard happening outside the window and remembering our adventures in the mountains not too long ago. Trust me we will be taking many more trips into the mountain and now that there is snow on the tippy tops it will be even more exciting! 

till then go sledding... no. too soon? yeah...

first snow fall in september

 Its true it snowed last night and it actually stuck to the ground so hank could have his first outing in the snow. It was the cutest thing he was afraid of it at first but then he got use to it being on his paws. I need to get him a little sweater or coat because my poor babe was shivering. 

Its still unreal that it actually happened. I mean its September...Hopefully it either melts or sticks and we get enough to wear hank can really play in it. :) also he is not quite fond of the fire place.. he thinks its out to get him. poor boy

 not bad for a Friday not bad.. 

ps. camera quality is low due to phone pics.

these boots.

Monday, September 23, 2013

sweater//moms tank//f21 jeans//target boots//boutique

over the weekend hubs and  I went out and took a little trip down the road and headed into the mountains. It was a chilly day and I could finally wear my fringe boots I got at a local boutique for 15 bucks! & they are supper comfy. I could wear them all year round. weird? yeah just a little.

 anyway everything is slowly dying and becoming crunchy. The leaves are falling and the grass is slowly fading into a light brown. Fall has finally made its way here in the Midwest. I cant complain. I love this time of year and sweaters boots, hot chocolate, and the holidays. There is just something cozy about it. I also picked up some chai tea in vanilla like I mentioned in previous post. with the weather change comes allergies and cold season and thats exactly what i have been dealing with the past few days.

cheers to fall!


Friday, September 20, 2013

some of my faves are black and white. Its amazing what Black and white can do to a photo. don't get me wrong I love color but Black and white just has a sort of moment frozen effect to me. 

I have been kind of sort of neglecting my camera as of late. Mostly because I have been feeling under the weather due to weather change and the air becoming more crisp than usual.

I picked up some vanilla chi tea and it is simply delish. its a must if you ask me for this kind of weather and sort throats.

an update

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

   Hey guys! sorry its been a while, good news is that we are officially moved in! We even have all the pictures hung up   on   the walls ;) not bad for moving in all in one day. Pics of the new place to come soon.


Some of you may or may not have noticed that I did decide to take down my "blogger love" tab I use to have on the side of my blog. since passion fruit is deciding to charge it has become sort of a hassle to keep up with everything and mine really wasn't working that well to begin with so I decided to "disable" for now. But don't you worry I am welcoming new sponsors the first week of october! If you are interested in being on Everyday Beginnings and swapping buttons I welcome you with open arms! :) I loveee button swapping so if you are interested, shoot me an email! & I would be more than happy to swap!

chambray and tribal.

Friday, September 13, 2013

chambray//target leggings//local boutique booties//F21 bag//AE old

a quick outfit post from the other day when it was rainy and chilly out, Perfect weather for some leggings that are comfy cozy and my chambray that goes good with just about anything. & cant forget some fall booties :)  this weekend is going to be super busy for us since we are moving so bare with me for some post lacking// I have had 0 motivation and the weather is rainy and cold and has been perfect weather for some hazelnut hot cocoa and cuddle time with my boys. Im sure you understand ;)

I just had to do it...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 So a few days ago I was looking threw old old pics of hank and realizing he is getting HUGE I mean by the hour! I swear he looks bigger and bigger each day even though he is just 7 months. I decided I should draw Him and then if I liked how it turned out then frame his little face! & that's what I did. It first turned into a sketch then into the finished product! I'm so happy how it turned out and love seeing his little face In my room hung on the wall. Hes so stinking cute. (sorry mini rant on my D.O.G.) haha yes I realize this post was mainly about him and me drawing him and so on..... I have been so bored lately its really all I have been doing since the weather has been rainy and pretty chilly here which to me sounds like a good drawing day.. or 3 or ten.


Monday, September 9, 2013

these are from this morning, It was so pretty I had to take some pictures of the sun rising. Hanks morning routine consists of sleeping on his bed on the porch then when it gets sick of that he comes back inside and relaxes on his bed inside :) Also daddy taught him how to climb up on the kitchen chairs so he thinks its a good idea every time. Hes got a mind of his own

part 3

Friday, September 6, 2013

are you getting sick of seeing these yet? I promise this is the last one! and It happens to be my favorite, best for last right? right. Hank is such a goof like I said in my last post he has gotten in the habit of picking up his leash and brining it to me and I just so happened to catch it on camera ;) Hes so smart. 

We are counting down the days to move into the new place!
only a week and some days! on a better not its friday!
 and its one of those gloomy overcast comfy cozy sleepy lazy days.
 Have a good weekend!

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