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Monday, August 26, 2013

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 I know I recently just did a similar post on some home inspiration not to long ago here But I cant help it and I think its time to share some good news! Its nothing to big but Its a pretty big deal to us! so its official we are moving! 

as some of you may or may not know we are in an apartment because we were previously living in Arizona, and relocated for hubs job.  In Wyoming, So we are still going to be in the same apartment building It may seem silly but we will now be on the third floor (we are now on the second) and we will have the bigger apartment with a fire place, walk in closet, island in the kitchen, and a big huge garden bathtub!

 I know it doesn't seem like much or maybe it does but we are so excited to be officially upgrading! we started out with the smallest room you could get since hubs job was still new we didn't wanna risk it. I am so excited to have a fireplace especially for winter! its going to be so cozy! and hank is getting so big! it will be nice to have some extra room ;).

 we don't move for a few weeks but I cant help but get excited! I went threw my closet and my drawers and threw out anything Ive had for over  3 years and never wore and donated it to goodwill! It feels so much better when you didn't realize you had so much and still managed to get rid of a ton of things! plus I dont want to take a ton of things to the new place we dont need//use//want. also its a little bit of a mid summer-fall cleaning break to start new and re decorate also! I have so many ideas and pinterest has been my go to. I am loving the black and white stripe theme with some pop of color like a green or a yellow! I found this duvet cover here that I am loving! also this 

and check out that whale book holder! cutest thing ever!


  1. it is so fun to see inspiration! you always need more, thanks for the lovely post!

  2. That's amazing! Congrats on the bigger place :)


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