into the desert with a floppy hat.....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

So the background may look familiar from yesterdays post. that's because we took a little drive into the desert down this road that is suppose to have wild horses down it... And we seen none. On a side note I did dress for the occasion if there was one. I wore my animal printed top my maxi skirt and threw on a floppy hat to avoid the sun! It was a pretty mountain view the whole way up the road and back down.

Hubs said there is this ice cream place that is about 45 miles away but we would have to  go another day because we were already gone 3 hours and hankers still gets scared staying out of the bathroom, where is bed is and he has loved being in there since he was a baby. We are trying to get him use to roaming the house while we leave and so far so good but we dont like to be gone a long time in case it stresses him out. ;) so that post will be saved for another day but I am so craving some good ice cream in a giant waffle cone!!


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