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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

dress//free people shoes//f21

so a few posts back when hubs and I took a little trip into the mountains I wanted to wear something light weight and comfy and I found this perfect light pink striped dress by free people from a local boutique for just twenty bucks! steel! they had tons of free people things and I went crazy and grabbed all that I could and cant wait to do a post on another cute little dress with floral print that I picked up for just 11 bucks!

 Some of you may or may not know what free people is. If you don't know. then where the Hell have you been?? living under a rock? haha just kidding Im kidding... seriously though you can check out their website HERE and be just as obsessed with everything they have on there as I am! it is very pricey and I like to just create wish lists and then delete them haha. Hey why not? so I was so excited to pick up some things from free people for the cost of about 40 dollars less.

  I loved this location we went to! It was so pretty and the mountains were amazing. Not to mention the pretty yellow flowers  scattered all around the desert.


  1. so beautiful!! that dress looks so comfy, the perfect combination for spending a day outside. i love free people. but my wallet doesnt ;)

    1. thank you! Yes they are expensive so i went nuts with there things that were half the price! :)

  2. lovely dress <3
    check out my latest post:


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