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Thursday, August 29, 2013

sweater//AE shorts//Freepeople also loving these Shoes//thrifted similar clutch//downeastbasics.or

Every time hubs and I go downtown there is this awesome church & while driving I try getting the tip top of it and somehow it never works, (maybe we should get out of the truck duh.) anyway. I managed to get a pretty awesome pic of it! Also there was a train going by the tracks when we stopped we went directly under the tunnel where it was driving it was soooo loud! but so cool at the same time. I know you cant tell but it was raining too. So it made this tunnel seem even cooler! It had orange lights and was pretty dark.

We grabbed some lunch From jimmy johns which Im currently loving! I kid you not I have had it the past 3 days haha that's how obsessed I am with it. I get the beach club sub, and hubs keeps it simple with some turkey and cheese.:) 

Also can I just point out that its almost September! seriously where did this month go. it just flew by! Im slowly getting thing ready for our move in a few weeks and Cant wait till the crisp fall weather! its my fave.

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