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Thursday, August 29, 2013

sweater//AE shorts//Freepeople also loving these Shoes//thrifted similar clutch//downeastbasics.or

Every time hubs and I go downtown there is this awesome church & while driving I try getting the tip top of it and somehow it never works, (maybe we should get out of the truck duh.) anyway. I managed to get a pretty awesome pic of it! Also there was a train going by the tracks when we stopped we went directly under the tunnel where it was driving it was soooo loud! but so cool at the same time. I know you cant tell but it was raining too. So it made this tunnel seem even cooler! It had orange lights and was pretty dark.

We grabbed some lunch From jimmy johns which Im currently loving! I kid you not I have had it the past 3 days haha that's how obsessed I am with it. I get the beach club sub, and hubs keeps it simple with some turkey and cheese.:) 

Also can I just point out that its almost September! seriously where did this month go. it just flew by! Im slowly getting thing ready for our move in a few weeks and Cant wait till the crisp fall weather! its my fave.

free people

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

dress//free people shoes//f21

so a few posts back when hubs and I took a little trip into the mountains I wanted to wear something light weight and comfy and I found this perfect light pink striped dress by free people from a local boutique for just twenty bucks! steel! they had tons of free people things and I went crazy and grabbed all that I could and cant wait to do a post on another cute little dress with floral print that I picked up for just 11 bucks!

 Some of you may or may not know what free people is. If you don't know. then where the Hell have you been?? living under a rock? haha just kidding Im kidding... seriously though you can check out their website HERE and be just as obsessed with everything they have on there as I am! it is very pricey and I like to just create wish lists and then delete them haha. Hey why not? so I was so excited to pick up some things from free people for the cost of about 40 dollars less.

  I loved this location we went to! It was so pretty and the mountains were amazing. Not to mention the pretty yellow flowers  scattered all around the desert.

some news

Monday, August 26, 2013

 images via
 I know I recently just did a similar post on some home inspiration not to long ago here But I cant help it and I think its time to share some good news! Its nothing to big but Its a pretty big deal to us! so its official we are moving! 

as some of you may or may not know we are in an apartment because we were previously living in Arizona, and relocated for hubs job.  In Wyoming, So we are still going to be in the same apartment building It may seem silly but we will now be on the third floor (we are now on the second) and we will have the bigger apartment with a fire place, walk in closet, island in the kitchen, and a big huge garden bathtub!

 I know it doesn't seem like much or maybe it does but we are so excited to be officially upgrading! we started out with the smallest room you could get since hubs job was still new we didn't wanna risk it. I am so excited to have a fireplace especially for winter! its going to be so cozy! and hank is getting so big! it will be nice to have some extra room ;).

 we don't move for a few weeks but I cant help but get excited! I went threw my closet and my drawers and threw out anything Ive had for over  3 years and never wore and donated it to goodwill! It feels so much better when you didn't realize you had so much and still managed to get rid of a ton of things! plus I dont want to take a ton of things to the new place we dont need//use//want. also its a little bit of a mid summer-fall cleaning break to start new and re decorate also! I have so many ideas and pinterest has been my go to. I am loving the black and white stripe theme with some pop of color like a green or a yellow! I found this duvet cover here that I am loving! also this 

and check out that whale book holder! cutest thing ever!

into the desert with a floppy hat.....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

So the background may look familiar from yesterdays post. that's because we took a little drive into the desert down this road that is suppose to have wild horses down it... And we seen none. On a side note I did dress for the occasion if there was one. I wore my animal printed top my maxi skirt and threw on a floppy hat to avoid the sun! It was a pretty mountain view the whole way up the road and back down.

Hubs said there is this ice cream place that is about 45 miles away but we would have to  go another day because we were already gone 3 hours and hankers still gets scared staying out of the bathroom, where is bed is and he has loved being in there since he was a baby. We are trying to get him use to roaming the house while we leave and so far so good but we dont like to be gone a long time in case it stresses him out. ;) so that post will be saved for another day but I am so craving some good ice cream in a giant waffle cone!!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Top-AE jeans-target shoes-old clutch-down east basics

If there is one thing I am loving right now It would have to be that chambray It literally goes with everything! Its also a great piece to take from your summer wardrobe and transition
 slowly into fall as the days get cooler.

 Today was in between It has been getting cooler around here at
 night but during the day time its a dry heat with 
some rain here and there. I love love Fall and cant wait for it to get here! 

Yay for Friday!! 
hope you all have a good weekend! and look forward to some more pics

sir stubborn

Thursday, August 22, 2013

he is so stubborn. He does not like to walk down the stairs and will only do so if I have a treat! But I love him he has his own little personality that makes up for it almost completely and hubs is home so I have been sort of kind of neglecting the internet world & taking lots of time to hang with hubs. Hank sure has been loving sleeping in our bed! and waking up and seeing his daddy! Its the cutest he pins his ears back and gets all sorts of excited and rests his head on daddy I love it! 

insta lately

Sunday, August 18, 2013

  Hey there! This weekend has been crazy we have been on the go all day everyday! Hubs is home for a few days so I took a mini break from the laptop and my phone! We went out for a nice dinner and a late night movie which are my favorite! I got some coconut shrimp and hubs got a Burger. A little update on hankers.... he is officially sleeping with me in the bedroom! Ever since he was a baby he preferred "his room" over ours. I hated it! I wanted him to cuddle with me and sleep by me even if that meant taking up the whole entire bed and laying sideways. which he does now. he even farts like a human and it stinks ewwww

hank and stripes

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

dress-old tank-f21 flops-thrifted hat-target.

he is the best thing ever.
seriously I love him too much for words
I could write a list all day about him.
he has a personality of a real lil human 
I could just eat him up.
not literally

this dress is so comfy I wore it twice this week shhhh.
its origionally a maxi But i rolled down the straps another shh.
he is the best lil photo bomber I know. wheres the weekend already ?


Monday, August 12, 2013

Some more lovely little gems I found digging thew my computer files!  


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