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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I was digging threw old pics of when husband and I first got married, & found this house we fell in love with! we took a trip to San Diego, and It was my first time flying, and being in California! We went to sea world and walked the strip. This house stood out to me. I loved it, everything about it was perfect, where it was, just a short trip to the beach up a head, perfect fence, roses, just gorgeous right? Husband and I travel around a ton! I'm not sure if we are going to be in this state for a while, but I hope the process of "renting" is over soon. It sucks living apartment life. Not having a garage, not having your space to call your home. & now we have hank No back yard to play in. I guess Its been on my mind a lot lately. I love our cozy apartment, I know its a lot harder getting a house especially if we move, again...

Its hard to pick where you want to end up or live, and with my whole family in Michigan, and husbands in Arizona either way its going to be hard to decide where to live especially when babies come into the picture... It stresses me out thinking of how to travel and when to go where.

for now we are taking one step at a time and slowly looking at houses, Honestly I'm scared to commit to such a big thing! I mean its a big deal! our first home, and then all these what if's... what if there is something wrong with the house and we don't know , what if we have to move again, what if we don't like it here,....... its a scary/ exciting time & I cant wait to finally do it! I wish it was as easy as picking " that one" above. & just moving in, Husband and I are ready to start a life in a place we call "ours"


  1. That is such a cute house! Goodluck on your hunt :) I love Cali homes



  2. that is a beautiful house <3
    check out my latest look:


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