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Monday, July 15, 2013


hank hasn't been feeling too good these past few days and we have a vet appointment for him this afternoon. Im hoping its just a stomach bug and nothing to big. My poor boy has been on boiled chicken and rice since last night so I am hoping that works. THIS picture is my new fave. :) 

& its monday again... Yippee.


  1. Hope your dog feels better! I get so worried when my puppy isn't acting like himself for just 5 minutes. I'm so new to this puppy momma deal. :)

    1. thank you lovely!

      Its new to me too! :)

  2. Hi! I've just recently started following your blog but wanted to make sure I left you a comment about Hank! I'm a fur mama to Winston the bulldog who is 1.5 and let me tell you Hank is going to be completely fine! Boiled chicken and rice does the trick. Sometimes I think Winston eats something just to throw it up so I give him chicken and rice! Bulldogs are wonderful little wrinkle rolly pollys and they make THE best snugglers!

    1. Hi Katherine!!

      THank you so much for the response! I have tried chicken and rice before and it usually does the trick! lately it hasn't though I used different rice this time though its the quick 5 minute rice, Im not sure if that's what is doing it or what but this morning he was puking it all up and the vet prescribed him some meds but he cant even keep those down :( my poor guys has to go in today to see what is going on! I will be sure to keep updated!


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