the moon

Sunday, June 23, 2013

 so last night after taking hank outside, I noticed the moon! it was huge! the clouds were pink and purple it looked like some kind of painting! I grabbed my camera and had to take some pics. now mind you  In the past I  have tried and tried and tried to take a decent good pic of the moon and they all seem to come out as a blurry white ball in the sky. I did get some of those pics at first then I went into my settings and found a "night scene" on my (Nikon l810) I plan on upgrading to a dslr soon :) but this one works just fine for now and I couldn't be happier how they turned out!! this morning was suppose to be the super moon where it is closest to the earth... or something like that.. anyway however, hank decided to let me sleep in for once today! today of all days when I figured I would deffinatly be up by 5 so there is now way I would miss more pictures, I was wrong and didnt get up until around 7:30. which it was suppose to be in the morning sky around 6:30 7 ish.. & I missed it... But still managed to get some crazy pics of last nights moon! :)


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  1. Wooooo! Supermoon! I fell asleep and didn't see it when it was gigantic, but I enjoyed the full moon. Soldier Boy got some good snaps from his deployment site! Pretty cool that the moon is the same for everyone everywhere!

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  2. Those photos are awesome! :)



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