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Saturday, June 22, 2013

outfit: Jeans-f21 grey tee-F21 boots-f21 bag-0ld

 So I have been wanting to go up real high in the mountains since we moved out here! Good thing we have a truck or we would have got stuck if we still had our little Honda! anyways. The drive up was really bumpy and scary and consisted of me grabbing the door handle and freaking out every time I couldn't see over what we were driving on which looked like a cliff! & hubby saying" jeez crazy I'm not going to drive us off the mountain"... Me "you sure about that!" anyway we got up there safe and it was so pretty! You could see the whole town! the sky was blue and it was perfect weather except it was realllll windy. we plan on making a trip up there when my brother comes out hopefully next month and camp! I'm pretty excited about that!


  1. Wow, that seems like a cool place. Beautiful and exotic. You look great, dear. Loved the army pants.

  2. love your pants!
    check out my latest look:


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