Wednesday, June 19, 2013 I have had blogger brain the past few days... since it has just been me and since hank just got his surgery I havent really had much motivation to do fun outfit posts.. unless you want to see the same background which is my awesome porch with my maroon door.............. didn't think so.anyways husband comes home today!! I am so excited and he has the rest of the week off! 
we plan on doing so much fun things! & I cant wait!! as for now here is what it has
 been looking like around here lately!

oh and you see that candle up there? Its a febreze woodenwick! and it crackles and pops like a fire! if you dont have any woodenwick candles or if you know about the wooden wick original candles you know they are pretty pricey and I got mine at walmart for ten bucks! & it smells soooo good!


  1. awww <: that dog is so so cuute !
    check out my latest look :

  2. That dog is seriously adorable!
    Thanks for informing me about the candle! <3



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