Tuesday, June 11, 2013

  this is what lately has been looking like... we got a new lime green chair for the porch so I can lay out! this morning hank decided he wanted to go out on the porch (his morning routine) he decided he was going to throw a fit and whine and move his paws around and struggle to try and get on that chair. I put him up there and he sat and closed his eyes as the sun beamed on him. (he loves the sun) glad someone likes the chair :) 
also when my papa passed away, He left behind some jewelery really really neat jewelry &  my fave was this eyeball ring, its so different and the fact it was his makes me never wanna take it off. I tied string to the back, & never want to take it off. Hank has been calming down a lot lately and Monday he is scheduled to get his............ ya know... snipped... :/ I dont want to take him this is the third time I rescheduled.
as of now it is sunny and suppose to be a high of 84! off to the porch to lay out in the sun with my  floppy hat and a new magazine! hope you all had a good weekend!!


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