Monday, June 17, 2013

I had to put a little something together from the time we got him till now and I mean look how big he has  got!! Hes a lunk weighing in at 27 pounds! at four months old! hes my best friend. Even though he likes hubby a bit more, when hubby gets home or if hank hears his voice he comes running with his whole but shaking and his little nub tail just wagging! I love it! Hes such a good boy. & today was a hard day for the both of us. He is getting neutered. I know... mostly all dogs go threw it at this age they said its best when hes young so he doesn't feel any pain. I hated leaving him there. & I cant go get him till this afternoon. I miss him already and its way to quiet here. not to mention husband is gone too.I couldn't believe he was 27 pounds a few weeks ago he was only 14! hes getting big so fast, and he gets so stubborn sometimes he will sit at the top of the steps and wait till I carry him down so he can go potty. I know hes only going to get bigger but pretty soon I wont be able to carry him, hes starting to get his own personality and I love it. this is husband and my first dog together! so glad we got him and I dont know what we would do without him. :)we love you little hankers


  1. Oh so cute!!!

  2. that's the cutest dog ever!!
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  3. ahw! I love this story!
    he is getting big fast! such a cut dog :)



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