Hank and the chair

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

 So here is a little story -husband and I went downtown a few months ago and I fell in love with this pink vintage chair. I had to have it! obviously I didn't get it then. fast forward to yesterday and we went and got it! I was so excited!! its seriously the prettiest  chair I have ever seen! Hank is not suppose to be on it but when I seen him I couldn't resist. He seriously looked so sweet and like he was doing nothing wrong. I just had to have a mini photo-sesh. So loving this chair and I think it will look amazing in my "office room" also in a baby girls nursery! and when husband and I decide to have little babies I had an idea when I have a big belly to do a little shoot too! can you say baby fever?


  1. WHERE or where did you find that beautiful chair?! loveeeee!



    1. At a local boutique :) thank you love!

  2. Too ridiculously cute! Love the pup, love the chair - Such great shots.

  3. Ok... the chair is absolutely stunning! I wish Soldier Boy would let me get a piece like this! I move to his uber modern bachelor pad next month and am definitely planning on warming it up a bit... this chair would be perfect! Hank looks adorbs and perfectly at home!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

    1. Thank you!! let me let you in on an inside secret, husband secretly hates it. he hates old things because his answer every time is "someone died in it" lol boys. It took a lot of convincing and some sweet little words like "oh come on, wouldn't it look perfect in a baby girls room ;)!
      Hope you find one like it Ill try to find a website with one similar!

  4. Gorgeous chair...


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