date night downtown...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

 outfit-jeans-target hombre-target tee-harleydavidson(papas) leather jacket-papaya shoes-charolette rouse
 ^I feel like one of the beetles^
 ^these babies hurt my feet^
  date night was last night so we tried out a new place we never been before.I got a big juicy burger with bacon and it was sooo good! they had these big gallon things & they brew their own beer. pretty cool. I have been loving my harley davidson tee that was my papas. It goes with pretty much anything & I decided to keep it casual. I paired it with blacks and an hombre jean shirt, with some cheetah flats. as for todays agenda husband is still in bed as i type and I am sitting next to him bored outta my mind. So a little later we are off to see hangover 3 and get a giant thing of popcorn!! yumm
oh yah guess what??? its June!! finally! let the warm weather began! & our pool is now officially open! wooo! also since we don't have a forever21 here or any good stores I ordered some things that should be here monday! get excite to see some of that soon!! :)


  1. I want our pool to be opten,too :( Love your jacket!

  2. Ooh love the shoes! Pain is gain I guess...


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