a day with hank...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

  his toys take over the living room.
 He collects things and brings them in a pile, 
somehow the green pig always wins.

 Then I got laundry out of the dryer fresh clean clothes
, He knew his blanket was in there, he grabs it drags it to his "pile"
  and lays on it. days with him are the best. :)

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

outfit- shoes f21 shorts-local boutique top-old (honestly don't remember where I got it) hat-target similar
shades-old bag-old 
 hey there!! Ok so back to the porch again to do another outfit! I figured why not? Its 10:22 right now and it feels like its about a hundred degrees outside. seriously I broke a sweat just standing there... kidding... no really. Its true. Anyways. Can we all take a sec to look at dem shoes! seriously these are so comfy and they go with literally anything! I am loving them! I thought they would  look super cute with these light washed shorts and the crochet top I am wearing is actually a bathing suit cover up! ( I also use it as a chunky scarf!) & of course I have been loving floppy hats lately! they just seem to make any simple look, look better?? Also Hank once again decided to join me! I love him! & I dont mind one bit that he photo bombs ;)

black on black

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

 outfit-skirt f21 tank old -similar shoes-thrifted hat thrifted/target brand new similar

This skirt has been sitting in my closet for a few weeks now and I have been waiting till the weather was just right to wear it! Its a black high waisted sheer skirt with two slips on the sides and black shorts under neath, Its surprisingly comfy and I probably will be wearing this a ton this summer! I paired it with a simple black tank and tied the side of it in a knot, threw on my thrifted laced up flops and my favorite floppy hat! Don't mind hank He wanted to say Hi, look at him he is getting so big!!

the moon

Sunday, June 23, 2013

 so last night after taking hank outside, I noticed the moon! it was huge! the clouds were pink and purple it looked like some kind of painting! I grabbed my camera and had to take some pics. now mind you  In the past I  have tried and tried and tried to take a decent good pic of the moon and they all seem to come out as a blurry white ball in the sky. I did get some of those pics at first then I went into my settings and found a "night scene" on my (Nikon l810) I plan on upgrading to a dslr soon :) but this one works just fine for now and I couldn't be happier how they turned out!! this morning was suppose to be the super moon where it is closest to the earth... or something like that.. anyway however, hank decided to let me sleep in for once today! today of all days when I figured I would deffinatly be up by 5 so there is now way I would miss more pictures, I was wrong and didnt get up until around 7:30. which it was suppose to be in the morning sky around 6:30 7 ish.. & I missed it... But still managed to get some crazy pics of last nights moon! :)


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saturday drives...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

outfit: Jeans-f21 grey tee-F21 boots-f21 bag-0ld

 So I have been wanting to go up real high in the mountains since we moved out here! Good thing we have a truck or we would have got stuck if we still had our little Honda! anyways. The drive up was really bumpy and scary and consisted of me grabbing the door handle and freaking out every time I couldn't see over what we were driving on which looked like a cliff! & hubby saying" jeez crazy I'm not going to drive us off the mountain"... Me "you sure about that!" anyway we got up there safe and it was so pretty! You could see the whole town! the sky was blue and it was perfect weather except it was realllll windy. we plan on making a trip up there when my brother comes out hopefully next month and camp! I'm pretty excited about that!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ok..so I have had blogger brain the past few days... since it has just been me and since hank just got his surgery I havent really had much motivation to do fun outfit posts.. unless you want to see the same background which is my awesome porch with my maroon door.............. didn't think so.anyways husband comes home today!! I am so excited and he has the rest of the week off! 
we plan on doing so much fun things! & I cant wait!! as for now here is what it has
 been looking like around here lately!

oh and you see that candle up there? Its a febreze woodenwick! and it crackles and pops like a fire! if you dont have any woodenwick candles or if you know about the wooden wick original candles you know they are pretty pricey and I got mine at walmart for ten bucks! & it smells soooo good!


Monday, June 17, 2013

I had to put a little something together from the time we got him till now and I mean look how big he has  got!! Hes a lunk weighing in at 27 pounds! at four months old! hes my best friend. Even though he likes hubby a bit more, when hubby gets home or if hank hears his voice he comes running with his whole but shaking and his little nub tail just wagging! I love it! Hes such a good boy. & today was a hard day for the both of us. He is getting neutered. I know... mostly all dogs go threw it at this age they said its best when hes young so he doesn't feel any pain. I hated leaving him there. & I cant go get him till this afternoon. I miss him already and its way to quiet here. not to mention husband is gone too.I couldn't believe he was 27 pounds a few weeks ago he was only 14! hes getting big so fast, and he gets so stubborn sometimes he will sit at the top of the steps and wait till I carry him down so he can go potty. I know hes only going to get bigger but pretty soon I wont be able to carry him, hes starting to get his own personality and I love it. this is husband and my first dog together! so glad we got him and I dont know what we would do without him. :)we love you little hankers

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