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Friday, May 3, 2013

 uncomfortable... hmm this one has been a tough one really... So for challenge day 3, I am going to come up with 3 things. can we just take a minute and say how great it has been to have topics for these challenges! & the best is to see what others write! its so interesting.. & if you are just now reading this and have no idea what I am talking about you can read all about the challenge and topics on Jenni's lovely blog! right HERE

lets begin...

1. when your out in public and your friends argue or cause a scene... ok so can we just talk about  that for a sec what I mean is lets say you are out on a double date right? k.. so you are maybe at the mall? ok... and you your man are getting along but your girlfriend and hers aren't and they are causing a scene in the middle of the mall in front of a bunch of people... UNCOMFORTABLE... and embarrassing... its like you look over and you want to be like... uhh... deer in headlights... I .. do .. not ... know ... them.. 

2. meeting new people. Yes I know its weird but I am pretty shy. sometimes I get a burst of energy and like to think I'm outgoing but then that voice in my head says.."yah ok" (rolling eyes) then all my confidence completely shuts down and I am just this big mess of awkward and uncomfortableness... its real great we should all get together sometime.....
and you can laugh at me....sound good?

3. Being somewhere I have never been before. Ok so this goes for adjusting to a new state or just being in a store I've never been. you don't know what to expect... but you think you do so you just feel uncomfortable.
short & to the point :)

please send your links in the comments if you are also doing this challenge!! :)

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