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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

shallow water

 day 7, what are you most afraid of.
 ok so obviously thats a picture of a shark. & I happen to be the biggest scardy cat when it comes to swimming in the ocean. It all started when we lived in North Carolina. Husband made me swim out far.. I mean a little above my shoulders...(it was far for me) and I freaked out in full panic mode something touched my foot I swear! So in mid panic I scratched husband and he started bleeding.. I don't think I swam so fast in my life. Back to why I'm afraid of them.. maybe because they can tear me limb for limb?

losing someone close to me (mom,husband,dad,brother) its always on my mind. life is too short. Its scary. I lost my grandpa to cancer last year and it was the worst thing to experience.
what scares me most about this is its going to happen. we just dont know when or how talk about panic mode on now.

getting in a car accident

losing a limb. 

going blind or deaf all of a sudden 

this are some of the major ones. the list could go on though I swear I worry 24/7 husband makes fun of me for it.


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