sexy beach waves with sea salt spray

Friday, May 31, 2013

ok so I tried filming this on my camera but it decided it didn't want me to. So here are some very odd self timer pics using not your mothers sea salt spray that I got from walmart for a little over 4 bucks! HERE it seriously is the best. It truly gives you that feeling if you just left the beach which I loved when we lived in North Carolina seriously never a bad hair day after the beach!! The saltiness is my favorite, and the spray smells like coconuts! I would recommend it if you love that beachy wavy effect on your hair. ;) lets face it loook at that bad hair before I even started to spray eeeek speaking of hair you see that color>? yah what is that?? I think its time for a new dye! im thinking either some highlights or low lights of Carmel or going completely in the other direction and just going dark dark brown. hmm we shall see.....


  1. You have gorgeous hair!

    XO Alex

  2. WOW! Your hair is amazing and sooooo long! Love. I'm very into the beachy hair look, too bad my curls only want to curl.


  3. Great Review. Nicely Done !!!


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