rain rain...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

go away or stay a while.. ya know whatever you wanna do.. Its raining out. I love when it rains. everything looks so much brighter and cleaner not to mention it smells lovely. 
except I cant take cool pictures outside without
 a hood on over my head. It can be done! So on this rainy day  I am going to stuff my face with some Krispy Kreme yumminess. snuggle with Hank & piggy. & 
I painted my nails yesterday a fun yellow, because I miss the sun.
 Just kidding.cause yellow is fun and bright :)


  1. I've been button hopping and I have to say your blog is super cute! And that little puppy face is SOOOO sweet!! Hope you are having a great day! (:

  2. Oh my goodness...Krispy Kreme! How I miss those wonderful treats.

  3. oh I want doughnuts now! ha

  4. so so so cuuuute <3
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