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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

what you see is whats been going on, Elton John was bought and then husband and I rocked out to Bennie & the jets.

 hankee boy watched Marley and me with me and sat right on my lap and literally watched it for a whole ten minutes tilting his head back and forth in the cutest little way possible.

 my box of 15 mason jars I bought are now down to
 only 2 in my cupboard and the rest are being used for the
 following; cotton balls, quitips, bracelets, makeup brushes, flowers, & dog treats just to name a few.

 Buddha was discovered at walmart and was a  disappointment 
and husband has convinced me that it is now a fire hazard because the cords touch the water to make the waterfall happen if that makes since? 
so I am officially afraid to turn it on.

also a cute little suit was found at wallmart for a whoppin 11 bucks a piece cant beat that & since we have no target. I know I know!! walmart is surprisingly where its at...who knew right?
& little baby decided to give momma a show of his little teeth and put on a smile :)
life around here is pretty good.


  1. That swimming suit is adorable, where is it from?
    Whoever was the first one to think of using mason jars for those things is a genius!


    1. thank you! it is from walmart!! I know you can use those things for just about anything! Love it!


  2. great pics <3
    check out my latest post:


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