Saturday, May 25, 2013

Husband and I ventured out downtown! it was so nice out! the trees were almost all the way blossomed and they smelled so good! I felt like a creeper taking a pic of someones cabin. but it was too cute not to share & they had a cherry blossom tree in their yard! Its starting to feel like spring came and went and summer is here! lets not get ahead of ourselves just the other day it was down to the 40's with 20 mile and hour winds. uggs were on and thick coat was zipped all the way up. yeah we will pretend that never happened.... lately it has been so nice out and high 75 80's Im hoping it sticks! looks like summer is finally here! little update on my hank. he has always went up the stairs like a piece of cake he literally got it on the first try. going down stairs was the hard part he was too scared to take a leap. so I had to carry him down his whole 13 pounds of chunk and all. let me tell you that doesn't sound heavy but trust me he is all chubs. So the other day husband grabbed a treat and walked down the stairs and what do you know little man is hoping his little way all the way down to the bottom to get that treat! I am soooo glad he can go up and down stairs like a big boy! my little baby is growing up. (yes for now he is our baby & probably always will be)


  1. your city is just so beautiful! hope my city is gonna be as beautiful as yours :D

    Pudding Monster

  2. These pictures are so beautiful, looks really delightful!


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