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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SO some of you may have heard of this Blog everyday in MAY challenge & I think its a great idea. though the thought of blogging every single day can be very difficult. I have been in a weird funk with blogging lately I guess you could call it lazy or you can just blame it on the weather.. either way.... I think I am going to try this challenge. Of course its going to be difficult but there are topics if you get stuck, which I love cause sometimes us bloggers lose ourselves in others blogs and have the natural tendencies to improve or be more like theirs. so let the challenge begin & we are off...........

the story of my life in 250 words or less

I was born In saginaw Michigan aka sagnasty. I know clever huh

was very shy,& still am 

my first puppy was named smokey, I got her when I was 7 and she was a chow chow mix,& had a black tounge.

We grew up together and she passed away a few years ago from cancer. I loved her.

I am a sucker for all animals

speaking of sucker, I love carmel apple suckers.

I get easily distracted if you cant tell

freshman year I was a crazy kid. 

then I moved my sophmore year to a village called freeland. literally tiny town.

the rest of high school was rough, all the girls were mean.

I got bullied

and I got depressed.
really depressed.

I didnt talk to anyone really.

I learned threw that tough time my mom was my best friend & always will be.

Julia. was also a best friend we are still friends to this day. she is so positive  & loving. 

I attended cosmetology threw high school & grew to hate it.
funny fact: I didnt like how the hair felt on my hands -weirdo!

That summer I was confused I didnt know what to do or where to go... 

everyone was going to college & I didnt want to... I was undecided and still am though I have an idea now....graphic design?

I dreamed of living in california

one day I texted this cute boy with dimples to see how he was doing...

he texted back..
then called
then sent flowers
then came to see me for the first time face to face 

we only skyped! I know crazy! 
He lived in North carolina as a United States Marine and I was in Michigan..

 he was my first real boyfriend

I was happy happier then I've ever been

 that handsome man with dimples is my husband :)

we married on a saturday in michigan and moved on a sunday and packed my car all the way to North carolina.

then we traveled across the states to sunny Arizona. that was the first time I seen a palm tree and a cactus 

we went to california.

then august came.

the worst..
my grandpa

He was only 60 when he passed of a sudden hit of brain cancer no one knew of and he only had 2 weeks to live.

It was the sadest and hardest time of my life.

He taught me how to draw.

since then Ive only picked up the pencil twice...

I love to draw.

I love him and I miss him everyday the song blackbird by the Beatles still makes me sad

I listend to it for the first time since he passed ,yesterday..

I gained a gurdain angel 
  let me tell you when his favorite songs come on I can hear him singing.. 

after that tough time it made me realise life is to short.. I wanted to document everything and not miss a thing.. 

I got into taking pictures of everything!

then husband got me a fancy camera.

& I decided to start a blog... to share with both of our families 
& to anyone else who wants to listen and join us.

thats how everyday beginnings was created...

& a huge thank you to all of you who listen to my craziness & follow us on our journey's 

I hope you try this challenge and if you do please send your links in the comments so I can follow you along as well.

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  1. Hi Chealsey! Found your blog on IFB. Copying you and doing the challenge! What a great idea. Here's my post in case you'd like to check it out (did 1-7 in one since I'm late):

    What are the odds I did beauty school in high school too and hated it (and especially couldn't stand the feel of hair) too? I ended up dropping out half way but I wish I stuck with it.


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