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Thursday, May 9, 2013

 Day 7, a moment in your day..
 Mostly just hanging with my little man, we woke up early today 6:30 to be exact. Daddy is gone and its just us again. The second pic is actually from yesterday it was one of the best.. it was rainy so we had a movie day & Hank let me snuggle him. Normally he gets all fussy and squirmy but yesterday he just wanted his momma. Its my the best when he is in those moods.The last pic of his little face is my favorite.

also pretty exiting news! our bedroom furniture comes in today! wooo! we have been using those stupid plastic things from walmart and they suck the one we had for almost a year and its broke in like 3 different spots so every time I go to put something in it the whole things just collapses real fun I tell ya.  

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  1. your pup is so adorable! i love pupssss! happy to hear your bedroom furniture is on it's way. there's nothing worse than being uncomfortable.

    happy saturday!


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