sexy beach waves with sea salt spray

Friday, May 31, 2013

ok so I tried filming this on my camera but it decided it didn't want me to. So here are some very odd self timer pics using not your mothers sea salt spray that I got from walmart for a little over 4 bucks! HERE it seriously is the best. It truly gives you that feeling if you just left the beach which I loved when we lived in North Carolina seriously never a bad hair day after the beach!! The saltiness is my favorite, and the spray smells like coconuts! I would recommend it if you love that beachy wavy effect on your hair. ;) lets face it loook at that bad hair before I even started to spray eeeek speaking of hair you see that color>? yah what is that?? I think its time for a new dye! im thinking either some highlights or low lights of Carmel or going completely in the other direction and just going dark dark brown. hmm we shall see.....

desert sky

Thursday, May 30, 2013

outfit-jeans target tank-f21 sweater-American Eagle shoes-thrifted bag-old

Its been pretty chilly here still in the mornings so this big comfy tribal sweater has been my fave! I wear it around the house, outside, & anywhere really. Its one of those pieces thats so comfy you just want to wear it all the time! I tried the white on white look with it and went for more of a neutral feel, it would also  look great in the winter with some boots, loving these and they will be on my Christmas list, this year! some leggings and a band tee underneath ;) if you really wanna try something fun go for a bold lip either red or deep purple!

** so remember in my last post about the sea salt spray? well I tried filming it twice and my camera doesn't like me so I am going to post pics soon on that ;) **


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

its rainy out so I thought putting together something summery would be fun! Im loving the vintage bathing suit trend! High waisted bottoms! love love love! and also the old levi's you can find at your thrift store and do a little DIY I haven't found any at mine yet, but when I do I plan on doing a post on them! :) also a comfy Celine tee you cant go wrong! and a gorgeous fringe leather skirt. I may be a little late on the ol converse trend but these Literally will go with everything! Ohhh! and I bought that little sea salt spray right there for like four dollars at walmart! best stuff ever I tell ya feels like you were just at the beach and your hair looks just like those sexy beach waves! I plan on doing a video review on that soon ;)


Sunday, May 26, 2013

outfit- obey tee-zumiez similar here jeans-target shoes- thrifted bag old-A&E
so I have been slightly obsessed with my obey tee. Its old I got it about a year ago but I'm just now finding out that it goes with everything! little bit of white on white a red lip and some neutrals and BAM! ;) see what I did there?. anyway it has been a lazy day! husband and I are off to go see fast and furious six once little baby falls asleep, which isn't anytime soon. He hasn't been feeling too good these past few days and has been either really sleepy or crazy wild with tons of energy! today it was the energy one.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Husband and I ventured out downtown! it was so nice out! the trees were almost all the way blossomed and they smelled so good! I felt like a creeper taking a pic of someones cabin. but it was too cute not to share & they had a cherry blossom tree in their yard! Its starting to feel like spring came and went and summer is here! lets not get ahead of ourselves just the other day it was down to the 40's with 20 mile and hour winds. uggs were on and thick coat was zipped all the way up. yeah we will pretend that never happened.... lately it has been so nice out and high 75 80's Im hoping it sticks! looks like summer is finally here! little update on my hank. he has always went up the stairs like a piece of cake he literally got it on the first try. going down stairs was the hard part he was too scared to take a leap. so I had to carry him down his whole 13 pounds of chunk and all. let me tell you that doesn't sound heavy but trust me he is all chubs. So the other day husband grabbed a treat and walked down the stairs and what do you know little man is hoping his little way all the way down to the bottom to get that treat! I am soooo glad he can go up and down stairs like a big boy! my little baby is growing up. (yes for now he is our baby & probably always will be)

in the mountains

Friday, May 24, 2013

 outfit- tank-down east basics jeans-target moccasins-minnetonka

 these were taken the other day when husband was home and we went shooting out in the mountains! it was so pretty! I think I am going to do all of my outfits out here! I don't know if you would really call this an "outfit" it just happened to be what I was wearing and I was just messing around taking some pics. love the scenery! 

**also was wondering if anyone else is experiencing difficulty when uploading pics via computer. So i recently had to switch over and use picasa. That is why I have been slowly lacking posts because my upload er was literally taking a day to upload 5 pics. Any suggestions on how to fix that would help a lot :)


Monday, May 20, 2013

    the weather has been cold and rainy all of a sudden. I shouldn't have gotten use to the 70 some degree weather we were having a few days ago. uggs are out and winter coat is on. I mean come on.. its may. someone said it snowed here last year in july. lets just hope that one doesn't happen. Husband comes home today yay! I have been going crazy just being here all by my self for the past week. there is only so much you can do ya know?

 can we talk about the coconut oil I bought yesterday?? Trust me go out and buy some. I know I have only been using it a day buttt! it made my skin feel so nice and soft and dewy! I loved it! its so moisturizing I even put it all over my lips! Im sure you've heard about a lot of people using this lately? no? ok well here are just some things you can use it for; cooking, skin for acne or as a moisturizer it is a natural disinfectant, skin, hair to help it grow faster and keep it shiny, cuticles.. and more! I have been using it on my face because I recently just got a breakout due to that time off month and already the swelling went down :) 

after it rains.

Friday, May 17, 2013

 these were taken yesterday right after it rained.
 I love when it rains. especially right after it smells so good
 & everything gets bright and green.Rainy days are the best lazy movie days.
 Hank and I watched nights in rodanthe, and snuggled while we had all the windows open. 
I'm so glad its friday & the weekend. 
Not like I have tons planned 
probably another lazy movie night with hankers.

hank did it...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

outfit: top-down east basics jeans-old/target bag-old ae Flops-thrifted! necklace-down east basics
 Im so glad  I got the time to finally put a quick outfit together and take a few pics! Husband did good! These flops I have been loving and wearing with absaloutly everything! they were thrifted! for a whole 2 dollas! 
Not to mention the are about a size or two too big but I dont care
 oh yah you see the last pic you notice that big huge scratch on my chest?? well maybe not huge but its noticeable! hank did that. he is in that puppy phase where what he think he wants or says goes. & doesn't like when mommy and daddy tell him "no." I have been up since about 5 this morning & am off to take a much needed nap!

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