oh the coziness

Thursday, April 11, 2013

 ^^ my favorite thing, my pig chalkboard^^
  ^^our rocks we drew on^^
love the Sagittarius cancer sign.
 ^^ the angel momma got me^^
these things with no faces creeps husband out.
^^using one of my mason jars for my flowers^^
fake flowers

 ^^ the bathroom. ^^

 ^^love this one^^
 ^^ lemon water is simply the best^^
especially in a mason jar

 ok, so Its finally starting to look like a little home. With the help of my mommas good eye for thrifting and lots of decorating this place is now what Husband and I call home. It feels cozy and homey. My favorite part was decorating the bathroom All in Marilyn Monroe if you didn't know Husband and  I kind of love her. She is gorgeous. SO I had an idea to take on of husbands old calendars and frame all the pictures and cut them out! I mean DANG It was the best idea I came up with in a while...ok. & you wouldn't have even known unless I told you! I love how it turned out. Also loving drinking some ice cold water with lemon right out of my mason jar! I seen this Idea on pinterest I cant wait to do 
 Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


  1. lovely photos <3

  2. love so many of these things!! the pig chalkboard is so fun, where did you find that!?

    and lemon water, especially in mason jars are the best thing!

    1. Heather, Thank you! :) I found it at Kmart!

  3. I love it, its definitely very cozy!! I love all the mason jars too! Where do you find them at?

    <3 Kelly

    1. Thank you! :) found a whole box of mason jars at the thrift store!!

  4. Love the mason jars! It's amazing all the fun things you can use them for!


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