Monday, April 22, 2013

 ^^ it snowed^^
^^nice move^^
 hombre shirt-target polka dot shirt-target scarf-thrifted beanie-local boutique shades- hubby's Purse-dillards boots-ugg
^^if you look closely you can see my smile lines^^
^^ we definitely will be going back out to these mountains again^^
^^ my handsome man, in his new truck^^

 heyyy there!! I finally have my husband back! SO we took a trip off road into the snowy mountains. yes. that's right. it snowed in the middle of April. when it is suppose to be spring! I kid you not I could have got a sun tan just sitting on my porch yesterday. & now this.. it came out of no where I tell ya. 

On to more exciting things. We bought a truck the other day! its big news to us. Our little Honda wasn't going to last much longer out here. especially with the weather doing what it does. Husband was excited! So was I! I love driving it!!
& as for dinner goes we are actually going to be having baked potatoes, chicken, and artichokes I need to get moving and start on that! 

ps.not sure if you can tell but I actually chopped my hair! Ill link pictures soon. I mean I only got about 6 inches off but dang! It feels short to me & so much better

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  1. Cute ombre top!

    Jillian -


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