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Monday, April 29, 2013

^my crooked hang job^ 
this is what happens when Im home hanging by myself
^orange lips & lace ^
^frozen yogurt^
^my men watching tv^
^homegirl needs some cuticle oil^
^top knot time^
^that pout^ <3
so I have instagram, if you did not know now you do :) and I did have it some time ago when I had a cool phone then I down graded to something old schoole-o & thats wasnt fun. Now I have a shweet phone and I can take sweet pics :D if you would like to follow me on that lovely little thing just click HERE  its free :0


  1. I love this idea. I want to do a post like this in the future. Cute pics. :)

    Following you (via @taraewilkins)


  2. Haha love the crooked pics. And just can't get over how cute that pup is!

  3. Such an adorable puppy...

  4. what a cute puppy. the frames actually look good like that.

    i'm a new follower.


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