snow snow snow.

Friday, March 22, 2013

 so it happened. But it didn't stick these were taken yesterday morning and that is what we woke up to snowy mountains and wind crazy strong! I'm so glad I got to finally where my hat husband got me for Christmas and it was tooooo hot in Arizona to even touch that thing.. ok not illiterately but you get the point. now all I need is some gloves! Its been a whopping 15 degrees here and hubs and I have been trying to avoid going outdoors. All though I do prefer being cold than sweating. call me weird but I love my layers, and scarves, and uggs. coziness, hot  cocoa, ahhh sitting by the fire place..Too much? should I stop? keep going... Ill stop. I have some exciting news to share which I have mentioned before.. so I guess its nothing new.. but we are adding a new addition to the family this month at some point could be soon could be later. A puppy, I am ready to get a little wiggle but.


  1. A puppy? I would die. I'm dying for a puppy. Pretty pictures!


    1. yes most likely we will have it this week!
      thank you


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