our trip part 1

Sunday, March 17, 2013

 It has been a lonnnggg few days of driving up mountains and then back down again. These mountains were just gorgeous! Love love loved the snowy tops! we are finally in Wyoming!! these days flew by. After getting here and having complete shock and a few cries and thoughts to head back to sunny Arizona it all worked out. This is the place we will call home for now. luckily we have some good friends out here to show us around the town! Be expecting lots more pictures! thanks for being patient with me!


  1. oohhh yay for travel photos!!! thanks for sharing these!! :)

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  2. I'd PAY to see mountain views like this! Can't wait to see some more pictures of your trip!

    1. they definitely didn't seem real! I am working on more right now ;)


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