our last day in arizona!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

  we wanted to take it easy peasy today & went to crackle barrel for breakfast for the first time and It was so good! Tomorrow we will be on the road all day bright and early with a fifteen hour drive ahead of us and a new location that we will call home. Wow. It has flew by. crazy how you can think back about a month ago and couldn't wait to get into a cozy apartment where the buffalo run wild and the mountains have snowy tops, to actually being in that place in about a day! I mean. whoa where did the time go. Arizona will be missed. we made lots of good memories here. I have never lived somewhere where the sun is out 99 percent of the time all year round. I gotta say it feels like we have been here longer due to no strong season changes like Im use to having In good ol' Michigan. fall,winter,spring,summer repeat. It made the time go by faster to me. Its hard to believe this will be our last day here in the place we adjusted to so easily. So so long Arizona, So long sunny days, so long clear skies, so long chirping birds, so long cactus, so long mountains, so long all our favorite restaurants, so long you have been good to us but its time for us to go.

just a lil fyi Im not sure when the next time I will be able to post will be so this may be my last one till we are there! get excited to see lots and lots of pictures along the way see you guys in a few days


  1. i hope the move goes well for you! we made a big move from pennsylvania to florida this past year, and now are moving to a new apartment in about a month. time really does fly :)



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