Sunday, March 31, 2013

Every year on Easter back in michigan we would normally go to grandmas for an easter egg hunt. It was always my favorite, It was spring in michigan and the flowers were just blooming and the rain had just left its mark on the grass. All the grand kids couldnt wait to run out the door & into grandmas garden to find all the eggs! We then would come inside and count how many we got and who ever got the most won! grandma filled the eggs with candies, stickers, & even a dollar bill! We spent the rest of the day laughing and playing. Now that I'm older I still miss those days at grandmas with the family. I wish I was home on days like these to see everyone. Its no fun when your millions of miles away from everyone. Hubby and I spent Easter together last year and we didn't do much. This year I am making our favorite deviled eggs and if we are feeling fun later we are going to color them :) what are your plans for Easter? 

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