Sunday, March 31, 2013

Every year on Easter back in michigan we would normally go to grandmas for an easter egg hunt. It was always my favorite, It was spring in michigan and the flowers were just blooming and the rain had just left its mark on the grass. All the grand kids couldnt wait to run out the door & into grandmas garden to find all the eggs! We then would come inside and count how many we got and who ever got the most won! grandma filled the eggs with candies, stickers, & even a dollar bill! We spent the rest of the day laughing and playing. Now that I'm older I still miss those days at grandmas with the family. I wish I was home on days like these to see everyone. Its no fun when your millions of miles away from everyone. Hubby and I spent Easter together last year and we didn't do much. This year I am making our favorite deviled eggs and if we are feeling fun later we are going to color them :) what are your plans for Easter? 

Friday, March 29, 2013

caution lots of cuteness

I had to.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

^ I mean really! ahhh so adorable^

^he is so smiling :)^

so I cant get enough of Hankee I just love him so.


^ biiiiiiiiiiig smile! ^
^ aww my heart just melted^
 I am so in love
 first off husband surprised me and told me he wasn't going to be home till this weekend and came home yesterday! I cried. I missed him. A lot. thennnn we decided today would be a good day to go pick up our little baby! the drive wasn't to bad it was only an hour. and he was sooo worth it. He slept most the way home. when we got there he was tiny. I didn't think he was going to be so small!(video of that to come soon ;) Literally he looked at me with those puppy eyes and I tell ya love at first sight! my heart melted and I couldn't get enough of our little baby. I kept looking at hubby saying is this real, is he really ours!!!? hubby is like..."yeah babe" :) our little Hankee (hank when he is older). I'm proud to say potty training is going really good! and he is the best little snuggler in the world!
we love our little guy.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Untitled #131

Billabong spaghetti strap tank top / Rachel Zoe long jersey skirt / Pointy shoes / Fringe shoulder bag / Miss Selfridge chunky jewelry / Ray-Ban ray ban / Wide brim hat

 sooo we all know spring is justttt around the corner.Im sure in some states there is still snow on the ground! who is ready for the grass to get green, the bare trees to have leaves, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and sun a shinning? I know I am. Arizona its about 90 and its only going to get hotter from there. Glad we escaped the heat when we did. Im ready for my shorts and flip flops. I cant wait for this spring/ summer we are going to be planning a trip to yellowstone national park! and go camping.. guess I need to buy those hunter rain boots I have been dying to get. why don't I just do it already!  check out these ones for spring! HERE


Monday, March 25, 2013

 outfit-scarf-Charlotte rouse top-jcp jeans-bke old socks-target
ughh its Monday,, Only if it were Tuesday or Wednesday. this week needs to fly by and be Friday already! so ya know how my last posts have been about a puppy.? well close your eyes if you don't want to read more about a puppy cause I got some news. ready? wanna hear it......? ok. here it goes. deep breath... we are getting a bulldog. a little baby wrinkly bully which is a he so we are taking names at anytime cause we aren't sure what to name him yet I love Burt. husband likes ford. decisions decisions.... I cant even contain the excitement running threw my fingers as i type this!!!!!!! I have been waiting and waiting for a day like this to happen ya know when the time is right when its meant to be. He will be here this week!!! in our arms waging his little tail. and giving us tons of kisses. & boy are we excited :))
I guess not too bad for a Monday.&these pics have nothing to do about this post

can't stop the tick tock clock.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

you know those days where you just think and think. Well today is one of those. Husband is gone for a few days on a job and I am sitting here with nothing left to do but miss him and think. We are so excited to be in a new place. But one thing you will know about me if you don't already know is I am the most impatient person ever. When we first moved in we needed to start over right?? so that meant get everything we can? no wrong.don't do that. but I cant help but want our empty apartment to look like a "home" you know how it just feels empty and bare. Literally there is nothing on my walls. It takes time I know I have some many pinterest ideas you have no idea. My momma will be out here in a week!! I am way excited. we have so much we are going to do. and its going to go by fast I just want this week to hurry it up. one thing husband told me is "you can never stop the clock, its always moving forward." well said husband. that's my new motto it makes me less stressed when i think of it that way. time goes fast..almost too fast. learn 
to appreciate the little things you have & live in the moment.


snow snow snow.

Friday, March 22, 2013

 so it happened. But it didn't stick these were taken yesterday morning and that is what we woke up to snowy mountains and wind crazy strong! I'm so glad I got to finally where my hat husband got me for Christmas and it was tooooo hot in Arizona to even touch that thing.. ok not illiterately but you get the point. now all I need is some gloves! Its been a whopping 15 degrees here and hubs and I have been trying to avoid going outdoors. All though I do prefer being cold than sweating. call me weird but I love my layers, and scarves, and uggs. coziness, hot  cocoa, ahhh sitting by the fire place..Too much? should I stop? keep going... Ill stop. I have some exciting news to share which I have mentioned before.. so I guess its nothing new.. but we are adding a new addition to the family this month at some point could be soon could be later. A puppy, I am ready to get a little wiggle but.

part 2

Thursday, March 21, 2013

some more snowy mountain pics from our trip! 
Husband is home for a few days yay!! 
off to get some more furniture :)

our cozy home

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 do you see what I see?
 living room

 hall way
 office area where piggy stays
living room
 our first purchase :)

 the aftermath
 little me with no makeup stayin comfy! pj's have been my best friend lately.
& this little scensy thingy smells soooo good!

sorry I have been MIA, I have been so busy and its safe to say everything is unpacked and put away :) SO far we only have a comfy leather couch and a tv hubby and I put together the tv stand last night that was fun. Did I mention we have to start all over? I mean buy everything again! slowly we are but geesh we have to get a lot of things. Want to know what im most excited for? do ya? do ya? ok.. ok a puppy. I know I have talked about it before, But I cant help it. It will be our first pup! we get together its kind of like a big deal to me. Not sure what kind. I know I definitely want a baby bulldog.we will see... Oh yah and momma comes out to see me in a few weeks!! chya! how excited am I? I haven't seen my family in 9 months so
 I'd say excited cant even explain it.

our trip part 1

Sunday, March 17, 2013

 It has been a lonnnggg few days of driving up mountains and then back down again. These mountains were just gorgeous! Love love loved the snowy tops! we are finally in Wyoming!! these days flew by. After getting here and having complete shock and a few cries and thoughts to head back to sunny Arizona it all worked out. This is the place we will call home for now. luckily we have some good friends out here to show us around the town! Be expecting lots more pictures! thanks for being patient with me!

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