sunny day

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ahhh! sun in my face chevy boy in my lap and a book in my hand. Great day for a Tuesday, missing my babe though! I'm so proud of that man & I miss him to pieces. Trying to have a good time over here, starting with my book I posted about here IF you are thinking about starting a blog or already blog and are just looking for something to read, This book is great for starters! It has everything you need to know and I seriously almost finished it today but had to stop myself, cause I need to remember hubs is gone for another 2 weeks and its only day 2. 
Is it March yet?


  1. amazing post my dear! thank you for the book tip, I'm pretty sure that I'll read it
    your blog is great, keep it on!


  2. dear, I just found out that I can't buy this book in switzerland, and it's not even in the ebook store :( maybe you could send it to me when you finish reading? I would be soooo thankful! Of course you would get something for that.

  3. Looks like a beautiful day! Great pics.


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